Stalwarts and Veterans of the ANC call on Zuma to resign immediately

Stalwarts and Veterans of the African National Congress (ANC) convened a National Consultative Congress 17-19 November in Johannesburg. It was attended by several hundred people.

They had requested the National Executive of the ANC convene a National Consultative Conference but when it did not the Stalwarts and Veterans convened it. The Stalwarts and Veterans comprise people who have given many years distinguished service to the ANC, to the overthrow of apartheid and the establishment of democratic South Africa. Many had suffered because of their support and actions against apartheid. Attending the meeting were two former Presidents of the country, Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Mothlanthe, several former and some current cabinet ministers. The Stalwarts and Veterans say the ANC is in crisis and because it is the ruling party the country is in crisis and it needs to be openly discussed what action to take.

The declaration from the conference called on President Zuma to resign immediately. It called for future presidents of South Africa to be directly elected and for the members of the ANC National Executive to be directly elected by one member one vote and not through branches as at present.

The conference said there is, “moral degeneration in society that is overseen by a self-centred, non-caring leadership that lacks honesty, integrity and a vision for the future…

[That] Membership of the ANC has come to be seen by some as a path to positions, personal power, privilege and licence to plunder the state resources.”

It called on,  “all women and men of honour and integrity within the ANC and government to stand up against all forms of corruption, expose, reject and isolate the dishonest elements that seek to undermine and destroy our organisation, government and our reputation.”

The full declaration from the Consultative Conference can be found here.

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