South Africa: a new president

The South African parliament will elect a new President on Thursday 15 February following Jacob Zuma’s resignation with immediate effect late on Wednesday 14 February.

The ruling ANC  decided to recall Jacob Zuma, effectively calling on him to resign,  making it clear if he did they would  table a motion of no confidence in him to be debated in parliament on Thursday 15 February.

It is clearly upto the ANC who is their leader and candidate for president and it is clearly up to South Africans to decide who is the President of South Africa.

What is of concern of those who see themselves as friends of democratic South Africa particularly those who supported the struggle against apartheid which was a denial of economic as well as political rights is whoever is President South Africa needs to preside over a government that will reduce poverty and inequality, that will enable more citizens to have a decent job, that improves services.  The government must root out corruption. It must uphold human rights, eliminate discrimination and ensure the institutions of the state serve all its citizens.

Many of those non-South Africans who supported the struggle against apartheid, led heroically by South Africans feel a stake in democratic South Africa. They have hopes and aspirations for a South Africa which deals with the terrible legacy of apartheid and colonialism. They celebrate with South Africans a free democratic, non-racist and non-sexist South Africa. They hope and want South Africa to reduce poverty, inequality, uphold and improve rights. This is the challenge for Cyril Ramaphosa who will be elected as democratic South Africa’s fifth president.

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