Justice for Miners with Silicosis: An out of court settlement is expected to the class action first brought in 2012

Tony Dykes, Director of ACTSA said ” Tens of thousands of ex-miners in Southern Africa have silicosis, a debilitating, incurable yet preventable disease. They need decent health care and compensation. For far too long the mining companies including Anglo American have dodged their responsibilities.  We welcome if at long last there is a settlement of the class action brought on behalf of 30,000 ex-miners but the settlement must be comprehensive, well publicised, testing for silicosis needs to be accessible, especially as many ex-miners live in rural areas. It must be of a level so those with silicosis can live their remaining years with dignity. They will never get their health back. They need and deserve decent health care and a good level of compensation. The mining companies including Anglo American, which was the largest gold mining company in South Africa in the twentieth century, must ensure they receive this.”

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