ACTSA works for rights, equality and development for all in Southern Africa. Find out how you can take action too.

Our Campaigns

Justice for South African Gold Miners

Thousands of ex gold miners are suffering from silicosis. Watch our latest films about the legacy of silicosis.



Swaziland, Africa’s only absolute monarchy, is a kingdom in crisis. Find out how you can support the campaign for rights and development.



Human Rights in Zimbabwe

Human Rights activists in Zimbabwe continue to face intimidation from the state. ACTSA is working to stop the harassment.

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More than 14 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa. It is the most affected region in the world. Discrimination needs to be challenged, treatment provided and support given to those living with HIV/AIDS and those affected by it.

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Dignity! Period.

Most women in Zimbabwe used to have access to sanitary protection. The crisis in Zimbabwe has meant many no longer have. Since 2005 we have provided over 7.5million sanitary products to women in Zimbabwe.

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LGBT+ Rights

From our foundation, we have recognised that marginalised and vulnerable groups are most likely to experience violations of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights. The LGBT+ Communities in Southern Africa often face discrimination and exclusion.

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Gender Equality

Women bear an unequal burden when it comes to most aspects of life, from poverty to HIV/AIDS to climate change. We believe that gender equality and the empowerment of women is essential in the struggle for rights, equality and development for all.

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Trade Justice

Instead of being free to follow economic policies that best suit them, poor countries in southern Africa are being put under enormous pressure to open up their markets and expose their producers to unfair competition.

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