Angola Monitor 2018, Issue 4 is available now

The 2018 Issue 4 of Angola Monitor is available now, featuring the latest politics, economics, human rights, and aid and development news from Angola.

Political News:
-Lourenco makes first visit to Portugal by Angolan Head of State in eight years.
-Dos Santos gives final speech as chairman of MPLA.
-Lourenco criticised for increase in presidential travel budget.
-Conference on Gender Violence takes place in Luanda

Economic News: 
-Angola could partially list Sonangol on stock exchange.
-2.8 per cent growth predicted for Angolan economy 2019 but debt remains high.
-Portugal pledge support for Lourenco’s ongoing quest to repatriate funds.
-Angola plans to hold auction for oil rights 2019.

Human Rights News:
-Reports of displacement and violence against Congolese migrants.
-A positive turn for freedom of the press in Angola?
-Decriminalization of abortion in exceptional cases divides parliament.
-Angola announces new Human Rights Prize.

Aid and Development News: 
-China to fund infrastructure in Angola.
-UNDP funding announced for drought-resilience projects in southern Angola.
-80% of Angolans to have broadband access by year 2022

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