Referred to as a jewel in the early days of independence, Zimbabwe has experienced economic and political turmoil in the the past decades. During this period it has experienced hyper-inflation, violence, intimidation, denial of freedom of expression and organisation and most recently a military coup. Once regarded as a middle income country, Zimbabwe plunged to being one of the poorest country in just over a decade. At 94% in 2009 Zimbabwe held the world’s highest unemployment rate. Replacing the Zimbabwean dollar primarily with the US dollar helped boost the country’s economy but the net benefit of the change ran out in 2016. Since then governmental and international relations sector have suffered budget and job cuts. Human rights abuses are a systematic problem in Zimbabwe. The military, police and civil service are politicised and critics claim that they are biased due to their support for the Zanu-PF party. Land reform issue have not been effectively addressed. Despite the country’s political and economic disturbances, Zimbabwe does have significant resources and has of the highest literacy rate in southern Africa.

ACTSA publishes the Zimbabwe Update which features political, economic, human rights and development issues facing Zimbabwe to inform and inspire our campaigners.