The new debt crisis in Southern Africa

ACTSA’s Senior Campaigns Officer, Sunit Bagree, gave a talk (in a personal capacity) at the Jubilee Debt Campaign (JDC) event ‘Breaking the chains: 1998 to the present day’ in Birmingham on 29 September 2018. A blog based on his speech, which focused on Southern Africa, is now available on the JDC website.

ACTSA AGM & Conference 2018 – Zimbabwe: More of the same?

Following Zimbabwe’s highly controversial national elections and the post-election repression, what does the future look like for human rights, equality and sustainable development in the country? Join us at ACTSA’s Annual Conference, Saturday 27 October from 2-4pm at Unite the Union where we will be discussing these challenging issues.

Swaziland’s 2018 national elections: Injustice, yet again

On 19th April 2018, King Mswati III announced that Swaziland was to be officially known as the ‘Kingdom of eSwatini’. The King said that the change of name was to mark 50 years of the country’s independence from the UK. However, 19th April was not the anniversary of the end of British rule. Rather 6th September is Swaziland’s Independence Day. …

ACTSA takes action at CHOGM: Protest on Swaziland 19th April 2018

ACTSA will be holding a protest in support of human rights in Swaziland on Thursday 19 April at 11.30am – 1.30pm. The protest will be held outside the Commonwealth Secretariat (Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HX). Swazi diaspora groups and international trade unionists, among others, will be participating in the protest.

ACTSA article on TUC website

ACTSA fears that ex-gold mineworkers with silicosis and tuberculosis will not receive genuine justice. Read our latest article that has been published on the website of the Trades Union Congress.

Short video about Swaziland

Swazis in Norway, including the pro-democracy political activist Bheki Dlamini, have worked with the Workers’ Youth League (AUF), a Norwegian political youth organisation, to produce a short (3 minutes) video about the situation in Swaziland.

Joint Civil Society Statement on Zimbabwe

Yesterday a number of Zimbabwean civil society organisations issued the attached statement on recent developments in Zimbabwe. The statement, signed by 115 civil society organisations, calls for ’ the peaceful and constitutional resolution of the situation and the immediate return of Constitutional order and democracy in Zimbabwe’. Read the full statement here:  Joint CSOs Statement on Zimbabwe