ACTSA welcomes our new Director: Michael Buraimoh

After more than 10 years of inspiring and committed leadership and with ACTSA having recently achieved charitable status our Tony Dykes has stepped down as Director of ACTSA. He will be greatly missed and we are incredibly grateful all that he has brought to the position over the past decade.

As we enter a new era for ACTSA we are delighted to  welcome our new Director, Michael Buraimoh. Michael brings a wealth of experience in charity management and in the area of social justice, gained both in Africa and in the UK. He has joined ACTSA at a critical time in our history, when we have the opportunity, having only recently gained the legal status of Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), to leverage the advantages of being a CIO, to advance the causes we care deeply about.

“I am delighted to have joined ACTSA, an organisation with an amazing history of fighting injustices and oppression, going all the way back to the great accomplishments of the Anti-Apartheid Movement. I will be focused on working with Trustees, staff, and volunteers at ACTSA to deepen engagement with our UK, EU, and Southern African partners, as well as to build new strategic alliances, not least with the young people of Southern Africa, to whom the future of the region belong. Together, we will seek to influence decision makers and those in positions of authority at various levels, to pursue lasting positive change and advance the cause of rights, equality and development in Southern Africa.”

– Michael Buraimoh

New ACTSA Director

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