We work on rights, equality and development for Southern Africa raising public awareness of the region and the causes behind the complex issues it faces. We seek to do distinctive work that contributes to making a positive and lasting difference. We stand in solidarity with the people of Southern Africa and promote friendship, partnership and cooperation.

We carry out this work through:

Campaigning & Advocacy work, this lies at ACTSA’s core. We support local actors in southern Africa and lobby key stakeholders in the UK to push for change and secure rights, equality and development for the region.

Advancing education of the public on Southern Africa, by highlighting the causes of underdevelopment, poverty and conflict and exposing the destructive legacies of apartheid.

Standing in solidarity with the people of Southern Africa, by promoting friendship, partnership, and cooperation between people, organisations and communities in Britain and South Africa.

ACTSA is not a funding agency, we do not have offices in Southern Africa or set up our own projects. We work in solidarity and support of local organisations and inform, educate and campaign in the UK.